Papers accepted for presentation at TFP

Separation of Concerns in iTasks -- Implementing a Command & Control System in a Pure Functional Language
Jurriën Stutterheim, Peter Achten and Rinus Plasmeijer
Space-Efficient Latent Contracts
Michael Greenberg
Using DSLs to help people solve rule-based problems
Nico Naus and Johan Jeuring
Dynamic Flow Analysis for JavaScript
Nico Naus and Peter Thiemann
Threading the Arduino with Haskell
Mark Grebe and Andy Gill
A Type Inference System Based on Saturation of Subtyping Constraints
Benoit Vaugon and Michel Mauny
Type-Safe Functions and Tasks in a Shallow Embedded DSL for Microprocessors
Pieter Koopman and Rinus Plasmeijer
Cactus Environment Machine: Shared Environment Call-by-Need
George Stelle, Darko Stefanovic, Stephen Olivier and Stephanie Forrest
Functional BIP: Embedding Connectors in Functional Programming Languages
Romain Edelmann, Simon Bliudze and Joseph Sifakis
Project Report: Dependently typed programming with lambda encodings in Cedille
Ananda Guneratne, Chad Reynolds and Aaron Stump
What is Your Function? Static Pattern Matching on Function Behavior
Leandro Facchinetti, Pottayil Harisanker Menon, Zachary Palmer, Alexander Rozenshteyn and Scott Smith
Automatic Parallelization and Transparent Fault Tolerance (Project article)
Kei Davis, Dean Prichard, David Ringo, Loren Anderson and Jacob Marks
The Random Access Zipper: Simple, Purely-Functional Sequences
Kyle Headley and Matthew Hammer
Improving Sequential Performance of Erlang based on a Meta-tracing Just-In-Time Compiler
Ruochen Huang, Hidehiko Masuhara and Tomoyuki Aotani
Hazelnut: A Minimal Bidirectionally Typed Structure Editor
Cyrus Omar, Michael Hilton, Ian Voysey, Jonathan Aldrich and Matthew Hammer
A Type Checker for Annotated OCaml Abstract Syntax Trees, or An Effective Type System for OCaml
Pierrick Couderc, Michel Mauny, Grégoire Henry and Fabrice Le Fessant
Proving Type Class Laws for Haskell
Andreas Arvidsson, Moa Johansson and Robin Touche
Functional, Reactive Web Abstractions
Loic Denuziere and Adam Granicz
Lightweight Affine Static Capabilities
Brian Mastenbrook and Kevin Marth